I've always been driven by an innate love of creating something from nothing. When I was a kid, that drive inspired a few stages of career exploration:

In fourth grade, I had a business designing and making Pogs. My only customer was my brother, so that business folded.

When I was ten, I saw potential in the lemonade stand industry and sold home-made paper fans on the corner of my street (along with lemonade, of course.)

In middle school, I discovered cartooning and created a comic strip called “Henrietta’s Home” which I drew religiously through high school. It was my mode of self-expression as a teenager and I was convinced that I was destined to become a syndicated cartoonist. 

In high school, I immersed myself in fine arts and realized a love for painting. One summer, I created “Personalized Picture Postcard Stools” - keepsake stools with hand-painted images from locations around the world - and sold the stools in a local gallery. 

And now, my career has taken me from product design & management at a start-up brand to textile design at a large corporation to my most current job designing products for kids. 

I still find the start of a new creative project exhilarating. It's the same feeling I had when I started my Pog business.